“First let me say how much I
welcomed your highly professional
and helpful input.


“We all owe you a debt of gratitude.”


~ Professor C. Shields, co-author,
volume editor,
The Blackwell Guide
to Ancient Philosophy

Copy-Editing and Proofreading by a
Publishing Training Centre Trained
Former English Teacher –

19 Years Experience,
482 Books

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The Dynamics of Human Life

Biomolecular Archaeology, copy-edited by Eldo Barkhuizen

“Thorough, Reliable and Detailed”
(Testimonial date 18 June 2015)

“I am happy to commend Eldo Barkhuizen for his excellent freelance editorial work.

“Throughout my time at Inter-Varsity Press (over 15 years), Eldo has carried out thorough, reliable and detailed copy-editing on numerous manuscripts, many of considerable length and complexity.

“In placing such work with Eldo, I have been confident that I can leave the task with him and that he will address and resolve all the relevant issues without needing to consult me unduly, and that the copy-edited text, accompanied by suitable notes, will be properly prepared for typesetting and delivered on schedule.”

~ Dr Philip Duce, Senior Commissioning Editor (Theological Books), Inter-Varsity Press


Ecclesiastes and The Song of Songs

Professional Copy-Editing and Proofreading

In this website you’ll see images of some of the books I’ve either copy-edited or proofread over the last 19 years, or in many cases both copy-edited and proofread.

Also read the testimonials down the right-hand side.

This gives you an idea of my expertise.

Copy-editing Certificate, Publishing Training Centre, London
Publishing Training Centre, London, Pass with DISTINCTION, 2001
SfEP Advanced Membership, letter of acceptance
SfEP Advanced Member, letter of acceptance, 30 December 2002

Valuing People

Helen of Troy, copy-edited by Eldo Barkhuizen

Goodness and Justice, copy-edited by Eldo Barkhuizen

Teach Yourself Modern Hebrew, copy-edited by Eldo Barkhuizen

Teach Yourself Afrikaans, copy-edited by Eldo Barkhuizen

The Message of Zechariah, copy-edited by Eldo Barkhuizen

Colloquial Hebrew, copy-edited by Eldo Barkhuizen

The Search for Nefertiti, copy-edited by Eldo Barkhuizen

David Suchet Reads the NIV, Proof-Listen by Copy Editor Eldo Barkhuizen

“A Very Competent Copyeditor”

“Eldo is a very competent copyeditor whose work can be relied upon.

“Thoroughly recommended.

~ J. Fisher, Editorial Project Manager, Wiley-Blackwell


The Weekend That Changed the World, proofread by Eldo Barkhuizen

Symbolic Blackness and Ethnic Difference, copy-edited by Eldo Barkhuizen

Latin Literature, copy-edited by Eldo Barkhuizen

Across the Revolutionary Divide

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“A Very Professional, Intelligent Job”

Thanks for a very professional, intelligent job….

“I look forward to our next job together.”

~ Ginny Catmur, Managing Editor, Hodder Educational


“A Real Pleasure Working with You”

“It’s been a real pleasure working w. you!

Many thanks for all the bits and pieces you’ve caught and for helping to improve the article!”

~ Professor Tia De Nora, author


“A Sense of Security”

“I always enjoy working with a copy editor because it gives me a sense of security – someone is out there sparing my blushes!

“In fact I’ve been amazed how quick and painless it was this time round.”
~ Dr Tim Chester, author

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